Newsletter 2016
Greetings from the Black Forest Highlands!

We would like to inform you about some exciting news concerning the Hofgut Sternen, the unique place in the Black Forest Highlands where tradition meets modern times.

Our new building
SteigenHaus with several departments inside has just been completed . There is a 250m2 shop exclusively selling high quality handcrafted products "Made in Germany".
On the ground floor we offer fresh and regional cuisine in our Buffet-Restaurant ZurSteige.

Another new attraction is our
History Path. When coming from the new bus parking area, right at the entrance of Hofgut Sternen, visitors can discover 700 years of history.

Our own power plant will shortly supply the entire area of the Hofgut Sternen with energy coming from local and renewable energy resources and our guests will get an interesting look inside the EnergieWerk to see how this works.

These are only some of the things to do here...
Come to Hofgut Sternen - The Black Forest village, an ideal one stop place to discover the Black Forest Highlands.

your team of Hofgut Sternen - The Black Forest Village
3. 700 years Hofgut Sternen - new History Path
2. Black Forest Cuisine - new Buffet-Restaurant ZurSteige
1. Products Made in Germany - new SteigenHaus
4. NEW Parking System...
700 years Hofgut Sternen - new History Path
From a medieval horse station (13th century) to the Hofgut Sternen of today
On our new historical path our visitors can learn about the 700 years of history at Hofgut Sternen.

Handicraft was always an important factor in the Black Forest. Today our guests can learn in an historical rope-maker workshop how rope was made and can try to make it themselves.

Our glass artists in the "GlasManufaktur Hofgut Sternen" create amazing objects and jewellery out of glass (STERNEN GLAS). Visitors can see them working in the workshop open to the public.

In the new building "SteigenHaus" our guests learn everything about the manufacturing of the famous Black Forest cuckoo clocks.

The historical path also leads the visitors to the eldest chapel of the Black Forest, the St. Oswald Chapel, to the Toll House and the impressive Ravenna Viaduct.

Further informations
Regional Cuisine - new Buffet-Restaurant ZurSteige
In the ground floor of the SteigenHaus the Buffet-Restaurant ZurSteige is to be found with 150 seats inside and 80 seats outside. In the modern buffet area fresh food is prepared, for example typical and regional food such as Käsespätzle (traditional Swabian noodles with cheese) and all kind of sausages, but for sure we also respect the customs of our international guests. The vegetarian Merguez (sausage) is delicious...
In one of the 3 “Stuben” (parlours) our guests can enjoy their meal in an authentic Black Forest atmosphere, decorated predominately with wood, as well as a tile stove and cuckoo clocks, making this break cosy and comfortable. The sunny terrace is the ideal backdrop to enjoy a delicious piece of the famous Black Forest Cherry Cake.

Please have a look at the menu!
Products Made in Germany - new SteigenHaus
In our new building SteigenHaus we offer in an area of 250 m2 high quality products "Made in Germany". The tradition of handicraft and the quality of fabrication and materials are some of the ideas of our choice of products. We work together with small manufacturers who live and work in the Black Forest and other parts of Germany.  Our wide and unique range of products includes jewellery (e.g. Coeur de Lion), quality wristwatches (e.g. Junkers, Abeler & Soehne), decoration objects, handmade knifes, original cuckoo and long case clocks and teddybears of the famous brand Steiff. Even a bicycle with a frame completely made out of wood can be seen here.
Strongly inspired by the typical architecture and materials of the Black Forest, this most modern building is a masterpiece of architecture because of its complete glass roof made out of 360 glass elements.

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NEW Parking System...
Easy to find - Easy to park - Easy to discover - The HOFGUT STERNEN
Our new parking system means comfort for everybody. A new, large bus-parking area at the entrance of Hofgut Sternen has been created.
When your passengers disembark from the bus, they are already on our new History Path discovering 700 years of history! After a very short and interesting walk (150m) the visitors come to the center of the Hofgut Sternen - The Black Forest Village.

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